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Wanted Sodus Bay Fish Pens- Wanted

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Does anybody have an old Fish Hawk model 510- 520 in working order that they would like to donate to the Sodus fish pen project or sell cheep?


We've been using one to take water temperature readings at each feeding for many years.  It finally gave up last year, and we are in need of a new one or a reasonable substitute.


To the guys at the other fish pen sites along the lake, tell me what you are using and where you got it.  That would be a big help.


Call or answer this post,

Jim  (315)945-1314



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Just a quick thank you to those that showed up today to get the pens ready for our salmon delivery Monday. With a dozen or so workers, things went very fast and smooth. A special thanks to Tim Habecker from Krenzer Marine for all he did to help the project along. :)

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