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Headed out solo in the late afternoon anticipating that the lake was going to lay down for the evening.  I was planning on staying to dark but didn't need to.  After launching and doing a quick circle around the mouth I headed west in 10 FOW.  Only ran three rods off the back with sticks on all of them.  Lots of brown water but I stayed outside in the dirty green water from the pumphouse to beach. Picked up a mixed catch of browns and a coho going west and browns, a steelie and an atlantic going east.  Bait must have been there because the gulls were all around me feeding and I saw a few fish on the surface. All fish came on perch or gold/black baits.


Water temps were 44 west of the mouth and just a little warmer to the east.   I was amazed how quickly the brown water disappeared when the lake calmed down.  The lines I fished going west were gone on my way back east. 

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Fished out of genessee river yesterday, lake was little bumpy at 2pm (2-3 foot waves) then by 7pm 2 foot or less

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