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Bass Fisshing Widewater - 5/9 Report

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Hi guys. I am brand new to the forum. A buddy sent me the link and it looks like a great forum to be part of! I enjoy fishing and hunting and anything outdoors!

Anyhow, had a very bad day at Widewaters today. My buddy and I got there are 5:45 and launched. It was VERY foggy. Anyhow, headed west a bit and was running the shorelines. Fished until ~ 10AM and only managed a 9" SM and a 5" bluegill :lol: Had one two other strikes and that was it! To say the least, we were very dissappointed :evil:

We threw everything at em, top waters to start, spinners, chatters, cranks, rap, worms...you name it...nuttin'!!

Anyone fished that water lately? Any hints would be helpful.

Thank you! :D

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