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St Lawrence Musky Help

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I've got things fairly well figured out in the big lake for Trout/Salmon/Walleye on the east end. My dad and I were drinking some beers on the deck this weekend kicking around the idea of trying for Musky this year for something different. I'd really like to get him on a nice one this year... None of us are getting any younger so don't want to wait till it's too late.

Looking to speak to someone fairly knowledgeable on the St Lawrence and surrounding area for Musky to help get us a decent start on them when season opens. I've got all the right gear (boat/rods/reels) minus lures and some larger terminal tackle - that's not a problem. Really just looking for some general local info. Gladly willing to share intel on the big lake as well.

Thanks guys!

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Thank you all for your kind replies and PM's. Some great info that will surely help me put my Dad on one this season.

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