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Smokercraft 192 ultima io


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Yeah I guess that is my question.. I haven't seen too many 18-20ft aluminum fishing boats with an I/O on them.  I personally have no experience with an I/O.  Does anyone have opinions on buying this boat with a I/O instead of an outboard?

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One thing when I was looking at boats a few guys had I/Os for sale. The only issue I had with the I/O is if you fish earlier or later in the year, you either have to winterize the boat or have it in a heated garage so the water in the block does not freeze. With an outboard you just lower the motor to full down position and most of the water is out or just crank for a second or two to get the water out so it does not freeze.  


I like to fish perch later in the year and browns early and with an I/O you would have to worry about freezing water in the block.

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