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Mexico pt laker fishing

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Looking to catch lake trout this weekend coming up can't seem to dial any thing in.. I went out fri 7/31 out of Mexico pt headed straight out to 150 fow set up trolled around nothing made a move to sandy from 120 fow to 160 fow marked a few suspended fish or could of been lice idk still nothing. I'm not sure if it's my rigs or location or trolling speed? I was using a mtn. Dew cow bell with 2 foot leader to a rapala with trolling speeds At 1.5-2.5 down 90 fow... Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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I was fishing that area today and the down temps were around 60 degrees 90 feet down. Lakers like it colder.

You can go fish in front of the dunes at about 120 to 140 feet down. At the end of the day,your arms will feel reel tired.

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You Deff need to get those rigs down. If you are off the dunes, drop the ball to the bottom and you should be all set. Good Luck, don't be surprised when the drag starts ripping with a king!!!!!

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