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Cayuga 8/9

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Had a good early bite at LP north. Lasted an hour. Wires out 220 and 240. fished 100 to 220. White on white and green on green. My riggers were dead all day. I had them from 40 to 90 and everywhere in-between with sliders. Bite was dead by 7:30. Moved to the west side, worked the same depth. Took a big salmon on a 10 color with a firetiger J 11 at about 10:00. Worked to Sheldrake with nothing to show. Good screen, just would not bite. Had to go bottom bounce the divers in 65 FOW at rocky dock and got a good bite of decent lakers from 12:00 to 1:30. Saved the day. Slowest day so far of the summer for me. But we ended up pretty good.


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Now that my kids travel sports schedule is winding down I'm ready to hit the water for, ( sad to say),  the first time this year.  It sounds like you are still working the edges of the lake.  If I remember in years past the thermocline would set up and you could find fish suspended in the middle of the lake too.  Is that the case this year or did all the rain earlier throw that off?



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