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  1. Man's quest to build a better mouse trap!
  2. Andy, If you're going in you're Islander you should be able to go out of Tremain My Lund cleared the T-Fall bridge by a foot so you'll never make it under there. We stayed on the surface with streamers and stickbaits so we did one LL about 5 LBs and a bunch of small ones. Didn't feel like messing with wire, lead, or riggers but I if you drop down you'll do much better. We stayed around T-Falls, great day on the lake guess we just didn't feel like working to hard. Let us know how you did!
  3. Andy I'm going out of T-Falls tomorrow are you I'll let you know
  4. We didn't do much better a few lakers, the plan is to fire up Milliken for this week so with warm water coming out of the plant it might be worthwhile to work that area. There's only a couple weeks supply of coal so it's short term.
  5. Frisco

    Cayuga Fleas

    Fleas Any update on Cayuga would be appreciated!
  6. Any fleas! I'll be out there Saturday Ch 68
  7. My experience with this guy is that he is a true professional, not only fishing but he makes incredible rods.
  8. Frisco

    Oneida Brown

    Walleye bite was tough this weekend
  9. Frisco

    Oneida Brown

    Oneida Brown Heard of them there but never caught one until now!
  10. We worked the south end nothing but a brown about 3 lbs, tons of debris, tough on those flat sunny days!
  11. I had both, I would spend the extra $$$ and buy a Lund you'll be pleased at the end of the day!
  12. I have a 2012 150 & love it!
  13. Thanks.....I hope to figure out Cayuga but if it fails it's off to Seneca, I'm off the water till later this week but I'll post the reports. Thanks for the info Ken
  14. Any topwater action or were the LLs deep?
  15. Thanks for your thoughts that's pretty much what we've been thinking it's gone on too long to be a phase, too bad I enjoy the top water stuff much more. Guess I need to dust off the lead. Thanks
  16. We've done this this winter top water trolling for years with tremendous success in January however the last six years the top water bite has been minimal which baffles me. Our logs show many days of 20 silvers plus coming off the surface until about 2010 then it has died off, is it bait, it can't be temp with the warm winters that we've had. There's certainly plenty of fish. There's plenty of fellow anglers on this board that I've fished with so they know the history so I would like to hear opinions. Ken
  17. PM me and I'll give you my cell if you need to chat about it!
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