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Cayuga Cayuga - Some bigger Salmon and Bows

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Fished Cayuga this weekend. Out of Meyers - headed north. Next day out of Long Point - headed south.


Fished temp and above. Morning bite was light the first day and non-existent today. Sunday brought a fantastic bow out over the deep water. Over 5 pounder. Great fight with jumps. On a rigger with a small Stinger in purple. Released at boat.

Today I fished just north of same deep water as Sunday. I ended up having to adjust my troll to avoid the weeds. Stayed over the deep water.

It paid off with a great LL Salmon about the same size as the Bow from Sunday. It jumped once and came to the net tangled in the line. I netted it with the rubber net. Untangled it and put it back in the water with the net. She was really lively in the net so I dumped her out. She floated so I did a quick circle to see if I could get her revived. Got right to her and took my eyes off for a second and she was gone. I hope she makes it. That was a beautiful fish. That fish came on the same purple small stinger.


Great to see some Salmon growing up and becoming such great fish. I have spent years clearing lines with the little ones that are so crazy aggressive.


Sorry no pics..had to get these fish back in quick.

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Great job fellow Arima fisherman. The bows and salmon have evaded me most of the summer. So Lakers have been my main fish. I've managed to fill my freeze with them. So I can't complain.


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We took a float trip Saturday out of Taughannock the fish finder showed some nice potential small bait pods and some nice marks.

First time out on my boat without a fishing pole, kinda nice lunch n a few beverages with the wife.

Nice job releasing those silver's!!

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That purple and white stinger been nailing them. Same with Sutton's. Seems the fish are down south. I got nothing off L.p. Saturday, Sunday west produced a Laker and nice bow. Seems the fish are in shallow till around 8:30. All fish I caught were in 50fow or between 35 and 40 feet. Had to deal with a stalker for a while. Shook him and found the fish.

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