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9' Duck Boat - 55lbs. fits in back of truck/SUV- built rugged and has storage for decoys. This boat can be seen on Sportsmans Warehouse. (that's where I bought it) - only been in the water 3 times ...aprox 4-5 hrs of use! See "new" price to compare. ("Today" - Sportsmans warehouse - $420.00) Asking: $200.00 + $40.00 for two new paddels. (Kayak & canoe style) Will deliver (within reason) or make arrangements to meet.

"Sorry" ....no pics! See model from on line catalog - "Beavertail" brand. Title included. Call me :1-570-439-1009.  Note: If you know, ...  or have use for this style hunting boat ...you'll call! Earl

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