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Oak Orchard Open and KOTO dates for 2016

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Oak Orchard Open  - June 11th & 12th

  • Paying by check deadline  - Sunday May 29th
  • Paying by cash deadline - Wednesday June 8th


TENTATIVE King of the Oak (KOTO)

  • Friday June 10th
  • Sunday July 24th
  • Saturday August 20th
  • Sunday September 4th
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Yeah Vinny, Paul and I chatted recently. A few people have brought this up to us from last year, and for all of our KOTO tourneys your team will only be allowed to weigh 1 Lake Trout per event.

Only YOUR team Vince. The rest of us will be allowed to weigh as many slime ball greasers as we can catch.

*joking of course*.

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