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Wire Line for Musky?

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I am hoping to get some feedback on using wire line for musky trolling. I am thinking about converting two of my shimano tekota rigs from braid to wire. The reason is I also fish lake erie for walleye and lake trout using dipsy divers. I am hoping I can use the two wire set ups for musky trolling down rods. Probably won't run more that 30 feet of line for musky on the wire set ups.


anyone have any experience with wire for musky trolling?

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I have two wire set ups i run deep cranks to bang rocks with. We run stuff like parrywinkles, marges, and hosebaits with them.

Several rods that will work but i run two Migizi e-glass rods with twili tips.

I run Mason silverlus monel wire line in 45lb.

This setup works great for us and can take some serious abuse. We can get 30' down on about 65' line with those baits. Nice for tracking close to the boat but deep.

I dont have any experience with the multistrand wire they use for dipseys though.

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