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Chinook Chaser

Okuma solterra

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I've got one. It never left the cabin last year because my 200's and 500' were getting the job done. But, then again, the Solterra is so good it doesn't need to come out. Just the THREAT of it coming out works on the fish AND the fishermen.


This is true Paul. Just the possibility of the "farm equipment" being implemented leads both the fish and anglers to gladly do battle with higher offerings.

One thing to keep in mind with all of these tools is retrieve ratios do not always equate the speed that line comes in. Gearing and the size of the reel and handle can all affect line retrieval.

As for utilizing floats, small toy boats, and any other tactic to avoid getting spooled, that goes out the window in a tourney setting as it automatically disqualifies the catch as its no longer attached to your vessel, LOL.

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