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Spook Hill Legend


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If you venture out to Newell Road, you'll want to stop your car just before you reach a driveway and Spike Road on your left, then place your car in neutral. Once you place your car in neutral, it is then you will find that your car is moving backwards...uphill! While this strange phenomenon is most popularly demonstrated with a car, it is also said to have worked with people on bikes, general round objects and even water.......

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It definitely a illusion, I saw a show on this once before. If you set up a transit and shoot the grade it will show you it's a illusion and the grade is actually the opposite direction. But yet your mind swears your going Down hill when actually the landscape is the opposite. There's no way in hell a car or any other object will roll up hill. This has played on the mindset of many folks that would lose a weeks paycheck to say it's downhill!!.

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