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Spring Salmon Derby + Special Salmon Trolling Discussion Panel


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We are pleased to present the details of the 41st annual Spring Salmon Derby!


New for this year we are offering online ticket purchasing. This can found here:


All tickets bought by Monday March 28 will qualify forour Early Bird Draw for a Scotty 2116 High Performance Electric Downrigger.


We would also like to invite you to come out to our next General Meeting on Monday March 28 at 7pm at the Port Dalhousie Legion.


With a new season just around the corner we will be having a Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing discussion panel. This special guest panel will consist of four very successful anglers. Karl Chmilinitzky (Two Fish) David Morrison (Reel Therapy), Jerry Felluca (Running Rebel) and Richard Hajecki (Yankee Troller) These gentlemen have all achieved various forms of success fishing out of all the most popular Ports around both sides of Lake Ontario. It will be a great opportunity for us to discuss various trends, techniques and theories with four different opinions and viewpoints.


We will also be introducing our new Executive & Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 term and discussing a few business items, as well as planning for the 2016 Pen Imprinting Project and Kids Fishing Day.


Additionally we will also be selling Spring Salmon Derby Tickets and doing the early bird draw for a Scotty High Performance Electric Downrigger. Membership’s, launch ramp passes, and 3x3 Salmon Classic registration will also be available.


There is no cost to attend this meeting. We do remind everyone to please respect the Legions policies in removing your hat at the door and please don’t bring in any outside food or beverages (coffees included)


Wishing you a safe & successful season!
The St Catharines Game & Fish Association (Port Dalhousie)






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Was a great night. Good turnout by many from around the lake and many of our regular locals.

Good information & updates from the club were provided and the discussion panel was excellent. Lots of various theories and opinions.

We certainly appreciate our guests volunteering their time & making the trip from some distance.

Good to see many fellow anglers from around the lake coming together for these kind of things in the "off season" as we try to promote the fishery and keep various forms of information current.

Congratulations to Bruce Thompson who won the Early Bird draw for the Spring Derby.






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