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Chaumont Bay perch.


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Shinintimes informed me he was going up to Chaumont Bay for perch through the ice, they did rather well, and although I've never met the man other than LOU and LEU he offered me some of his catch. We made arrangements to meet on a exit off the highway he uses on his way home from work. We came up with a time and place through a few phone calls and it all came together at perfect timing, to bad we didn't get to talk more but it was Friday and he needed to get his guys home from work. I wasn't expecting as much as he offered and they were all cleaned to perfection!! This would be the first time my daughters ever had perch, well they ate till they were round full even my wife and father-in-law came over and we had a Chaumont Bay perch fish fry, none of this would have never happened if it wasn't for LOU&LEU and the great folks that made it this way. Shinintimes my family and I thank you for you thoughtfulness. This is the proof in the pudding


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