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Half day from work let's fish! 6/27 ibay

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Hit the water around 230pm beautiful day! Just me and my girl. This was her first time doing this type of fishing so I didn't know what to expect. Started out in 90 fow riggers down 70 and 60, dipsy around 50. Rigger at 70 with moonshine hulk was the first hit small laker put it back down to 70 within 30 seconds line was crushed by something big handed it to my girl and don't ya know it was a nice brown! Stayed around 100 to 125 zig zag pattern hit 3 small kings all loving the hulk . Monkey puke (favorite named lure) took 3 lakers. Did check out 200fow not much going on but did hit a small king on flasher fly. Overall great day to be out fishing 8 for 11. Need to zero in on a big king.post-159302-14697250206485_thumb.jpgpost-159302-14697250292605_thumb.jpgpost-159302-14697250368675_thumb.jpg

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