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losing downrigger

Chinook Chaser

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I had the same worry you have with the "violent" stop when these riggers auto-stop.  I have 7 Mag 10STX's mounted to 3 different boats used over the last 3-4 seasons.  I've been using the Amish downrigger snubbers for the last 3 seasons and wouldn't run without them.  Others in my marina have had the same worries... they went with the Amish snubbers also.


Note that I use 15lb Sharks on all 3 boats.  I change out all downrigger cable every other season for piece of mind.  I change out the end-terminations every season.  It's a cheap enough preventative maintenance expense vs. losing a weight or even worse, a FishHawk probe.


The Amish Outfigger snubbers are $8.50 for the pair.



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