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First Mizzleloader

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Cva wolf...I have it with the konus scope package ss with snow camo syn stock it's a great shooter loaded with 100 grain 777 and 300 grain shockwaves I carry it all of rifle season

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Hey Stone.- I think I am going to pick up this combo this week. How is the scope?

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You cant beat a TC Halkins .50 cal. Rifle or smooth bore.   uses regular #10 caps and shoots very well with just 60 to 90 grains of regular old  FF.  or FFF .

Goex work well and at $15. a pound you get a lot of shooting for short money.   or Elephant is a couple bucks more and a bit cleaner.


you can shoot round ball, conical s or bird shot.  It is really versatile.  


I bought mine as a kit in the NAVY BX  in Sub School years ago and it has increased in value tenfold.


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