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Cayuga launch at Union Springs/Cayuga Lake State Park

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Anyone know if the ice is out from the launch site at Union Springs?

Two weeks ago, it was iced in almost to the island.

A couple days ago the ice was gone except for 10-15 feet right on the ramp.

I am thinking (hoping) that the ice is gone from the ramp so that I may try one more time for some perch in the boat.

Alternatively, any idea how the launch is at Cayuga Lake State Park?

Thanks in advance.

Happy New Year to all!

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State park will be to low. I bottom out in a canoe last year about 10 feet from the dock. By the locks maybe if you stick to the channel. I don't know about union springs

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thanks for the heads up on the west side....I may just gamble tomorrow or Friday at Union Springs. The channel near the locks was open but it was iced in pretty good near shore on Monday (12/26).

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