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  1. how is the shore ice and depth at this launch? I have a 16.5 footer deep V and often this time of year I am fighting shore ice, or low water making launching a problem. Thanks!
  2. Owasco had a few fleas, just starting
  3. Lakeside41- I went out today(19 May). It was a bit rainy and windy. I tried a bunch of places from 6 to 20 feet of water. I fished about 4 hours. The few that I caught were spawned out. About 2 weeks ago the bite was hot. My guess is that it is way past prime. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. My dog and I launched out of Union Springs Sunday (08 April 2018). My cabin fever over-rode the urge to stay out of the crappy weather. The water at the launch is still a tad low, but I had no issues launching my 1650 Crestliner. By the time I found the perch I ran out of the time that I had. The snow and wind were pretty bad, there was only one other boat at the launch. Pickerel are everywhere....
  5. Maybe? If it’s a tiller type outboard that floats quickly off the trailer you may be able to. There seemed to be a lot of muck right off the ramp so if you don’t have to back way out it may be doable. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I looked at the Mandana launch. It is a town of Skaneateles operated launch but no 'public' parking. The parking by the firehouse has a bunch of signs saying parking for town of Skan residents only (sticker must be visible) with threat of towing. I don't live in that town so no joy there.... I haven't been able contact the marina yet to see if there is parking for non-residents somewhere.
  7. Does anyone know of a decent place to launch on the north end of Cayuga? I checked out the launches at Union Springs, across the west side at the state park, and most of the ones in between. The water level is way too low for any of those launches. My boat is a 16.5 foot with a 90 HP, not huge but not small either. The web page with the Cayuga lake water level shows it up about a foot since last weekend but I don't think that would be enough. On another note, does anyone know when the state launch on the west side of Skaneateles will be unlocked?
  8. I also have a 1650 with the Suremount brackets. The little allen key forces the two dovetail pieces into the slot around the gunnels. It exerts a lot of clamping force. I have two downriggers mounted using their brackets, and it is extremely solid. I have had the ball hang up on bottom and nearly stop my boat and the mount was fine. The Dipsy should be fine.
  9. I have a 1650 with the 90 Mercury. I troll the finger lakes frequently, as well as Oneida and the St Lawrence. My 90, at the slowest will get me to 1.8-1.9 knots ( ~2.0 mph) - speed over the ground using GPS on the Lowrance. To go slower, I have two trolling bags, (18" Amish Outfitters). If I deploy both bags, one each from the front cleat, I can go as slow as 0.7 to 0.9 mph. Bear in mind I did these tests on a calm day, in a lake with no noticeable current and near zero winds. The bags are also great for casting for Walleyes in windy conditions, it slows the boat drift speed appreciably. Just remember that they are out at the end of the drift! My brother has the 1650 with a 60 HP, he seems to troll about the same speed as my 90, maybe a little slower. Hope this helps. Good Luck
  10. I have not trout fished Cayuga yet this year, so no help there..... In my estimation you are about a month late for the perch on the north end, they seemed to be spawned out. For me at least, the last couple of weeks the perch have slowed to a trickle - lots of pickerel and lots of very small perch. Very few jumbos. I have been launching at Union Springs, the bait shop that I have been using is Dave Webb in Throop or Bearwood in Skaneateles.
  11. no, if you look at their webpage they have a unique mounting track that runs inside the gunnels all the way around. The name they gave it is Suremount. It is like a single dovetail, and the accessory bracket has the mate to the dovetail that is secured via an allen screw. When it is tightened, it is extremely secure. I have stood on the downrigger bracket prior to mounting the base to it and it was rock solid. The have fender mounts, cup holders, etc...that also mount on the suremount system as well as blank accessory mounts. I took some blanks and mounted extra rod holders to them. The two things that I really like are the mounts can be placed anywhere along the gunnel - stem to stern, and their ease of on/off/move.
  12. Pic above. Excuse the messy garage. On the port side the gas cap won't allow the mount to go all the way back. It will stop it about 8" shy of the stern. On the starboard side it will go all the way back. The downriggers that I have are manual Canons. With extendible arms. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I have a 1650 fishhawk and use the suremount brackets for both the downriggers and for extra rod holders . I love them. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I never looked at the water temp....it was right in front of my nose on the screen and never noted it.
  16. @sodus_guy_09 - it was spotty Saturday for perch, it seemed that when the rain came and the boats left, the bite picked up somewhat. It really didn't seem to matter what I was using - a small jig or minnow. For every keeper I had 3-4 dinks to throw back and for every three keepers one pickerel. Good luck, chores will keep me ashore this weekend...
  17. I launched from Union Springs on Saturday (15 April). The water was a bit high, lots of small debris on the ramp but it was an easy launch. When I launched in early January it was extremely low - possibly 5 feet lower. There was about 1 foot or so of the permanent docks above the water. Good to go! Good Luck!
  18. thanks for the heads up on the west side....I may just gamble tomorrow or Friday at Union Springs. The channel near the locks was open but it was iced in pretty good near shore on Monday (12/26).
  19. Anyone know if the ice is out from the launch site at Union Springs? Two weeks ago, it was iced in almost to the island. A couple days ago the ice was gone except for 10-15 feet right on the ramp. I am thinking (hoping) that the ice is gone from the ramp so that I may try one more time for some perch in the boat. Alternatively, any idea how the launch is at Cayuga Lake State Park? Thanks in advance. Happy New Year to all!
  20. I know this has been discussed on other forums but not a lot here - Catch and Release methods for deep water caught fish. I have seen people jig up a nice walleye from 90+ feet of water and use a hook to pop the stomach (or bladder?) that is sticking 4" out of its mouth and send the fish back. I have heard this is bad and it will result in the fish dying a slow death. I have also read where you can make a weight with a release and send them back to depth - basically decompressing them like a scuba diver. This supposedly needs to be done quickly after catching it. It is fun catching these fish from deep and often don't need to keep all that I catch. What do others do to release deep water caught Walleyes?
  21. I had been getting out on the boat until Dec 30. On the 30th, the water temp was 36.8 degrees. Today I went to the launch that I had been using - it is in a sheltered cove. It was ice out to a distance about 100 yards from shore, kind of rough but solid enough for me to stand on it near the ramp. The open water was steaming - giving off its heat - it won't be long till it ices up hard.
  22. Getting rid of the lights doesn't let me see if there are any followers, however the bite picked up or the other tactics seemed to increase my catch somewhat. Slow retrieve with pauses often triggers a strike. I tried some Berkley Gulp spray - on the very first cast it worked - too early to see if I is real or not. Subsequent use of the spray has been inconclusive. It seems floaters are better than suspenders which are better than sinkers (or deep divers or countdowns). They always seem to strike very near the surface - even over 15 f.o.w. Hopefully the ramps stay ice free for another week or two. Good luck to all the hardy fishermen still out.
  23. I was going to try for some perch on these lakes. How is the water level at the launch ramps near the north end of the lakes? Thanks.
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