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New Lake Ontario Championship Series Intro

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New Lake Ontario Championship Series Intro

Great Lakes Special Events is introducing a new Lake Ontario lake wide championship series that US and Canadian anglers can participate in.  It involves 10 of the largest tourneys on Lake.  Our intention is to make this the premiere Championship series on Lake O.  The website contains all of the details and registration is on line.  Captain Rich Hajecki will be fielding questions on the forums and will be releasing a FB page any day.  http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/locs.html


The LOCS puts emphasis on all major events held in Canada and the USA. Our goal is to obtain participation from both Canadian and US fishing teams and create a true Lake wide championship series.

*Because this Championship Series was presented in April, all teams will have the option to use the Spring KOTL event scores upon registration. However, if you want to use scores from that event, you must register it prior to Friday at midnight before the Wilson Harbor event. After midnight, teams will NOT be able to use the spring KOTL scores.


The Basics... 

  • Each team pre-chooses (3) to (5) events in which to earn points from. Teams can choose any tournament included in the series circuit. Each team will use their best (3) events from the (5) possible.  Each team is allowed (1) late entry event specifically designed to allow a competitive team the opportunity to swap one event for their "late pick". The "second chance" option is sure to provide additional excitement in the series.
  • Entry Fee: $100 per event.  (must choose 3-5)
    Second Chance Fee: $150
  • Awards.  Overall Winner: 70%  Runner Up: 30%
    The winning team will receive dinner at the port of their choice, hosted by GLSE. During dinner, they will receive their check, trophies and misc prizes.
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