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Great Lakes Special Events Overall Championship Update

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Great Lakes Special Events Overall Championship Update

Excerpt from BLOG section:


7/18/17: Sodus Pro Am concludes and congratulations goes out to Cold Steel/Dirty Goose for their win. They were not competing in the Overall but Teams: Thrillseeker took 5th, Cannonball Runner 6th and Team A-TOM-MIK/CBII took 9th. That ended in some turnover in the overall standings because the east end teams have now hit their 3rd event.


Team A-TOM-MIK/CBII takes over the no. 1 spot, while Cannonball Runner moves to the runner up position, just (1) point ahead of Vision Quest. All of the teams except Thrillseeker have their "second chance" left and MUST enter that before midnight of the event they wish to claim as second chance. Yankee Troller which started with a 1st place win in April still has (2) left and his second chance, so as stated above, it will go down to the last event here. 


Stay tuned....


Captain Pete







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