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Took a friend and his 84 year old dad went 12-16 with a mixed bag of kings and steelies. Highlight of the day is when the dad pulled in a 17lb king. Other than that king had a few nice steelies and the rest in the 3-6 lb range with a few skippys. started off in 80 and caught a decent brown and it was nice steady action out to 250 fow. Had plans to go deep as recent posts had looked like thats where the action was but didnt have to. real rough in the morning but smoothed out and off the water by 1pm. hot action was 42nd spoon 55 down on dr, 42nd spinny/atomic combo, habenero spinny atomic combo 130-180 back off the dipseys. As we were headed out snapped the pulley off the downrigger and tried to strap tie for some engineering but water was to rough so 1 downrigger all day, wish we would have had the other as that was a hot ticket.

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