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'Bout Time Sodus Bay Healing Waters Salmon Slam

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We fished out of Hughes marina this year due to the flooding in Sodus Bay.


Big Fish Friday was cancelled due to small craft advisory. So we just hung out until dinner and had a nice time with all captains and veterans at dockers on Sodus Bay.


The forecast for Saturday another small craft advisory with 4-6' waves and building as the day went on.


Woke up Saturday morning and was met with 2 foot waves and it was a go.


I worked Waters from 120-450. We took 2 skippies in 200 and 240 with a pretty blank screen until we hit 400. Waves were building 3-5 with occasional 6s. Then the screen lit up and the dispey out 370 tarted screaming and within 5 minutes our 70 rigger starts ripping as well. Doubled up !!!! We dropped the dipsey fish and landed the rigger. A 18+ lb king.


As we tried to make the turn back to our waypoint I broke off my probe torpedo weight and wrapped 60' of cable around my kicker prop. I fired up the main motor and got us going with the waves, I put on a life jacket and over the back I went on the swim platform. I removed the prop and all cabling in 5' waves (wasn't pleasant). By the time all was said and done we were in 280' and pointed south. I didn't have enough time to make the run back to 400 so we decided to troll all the way into the dock. We never moved another rod.


At the weigh in there were a lot of fish caught but they were mostly 2 year olds in the 10-15 lb range.


We ended with the 4th biggest king out of 34 teams. My Vet was great and we had a great time.


The event went as smoothly as it could. The weather was great and everyone from the captains, the vets, all the volunteers and spectators were great





'Bout Time


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