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Canadice action


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Was planning on hitting Canadice at sun up to try flat lining spoons, but instead got off to a late start.
Hit the water in the kayak at 8 am with 7 colors pulling a red revolution fishing spoon behind a 4 inch pro troll flasher, and an Iron Duke watermellon fly behind a green pro troll on the down rigger running around 45 - 50 ft down.
Weaved in and out from 45 to 65 FOW, with a few marks and bait. Got into a certain area that has holding lakers lately, and keep hitting masive bait pods.
First laker came off the 7 colors and measured 19.5" and was released. As I was resetting that line, took a hit off the down rigger, and ended up with another a hair over 22". At this point, I deceided to keep circling around the bait, so I pulled in the lead core to make turning around easier.
Made a bunch passes, adjusting depth each time and got a 27.5" laker that took the fly deep and was bleeding bad, so she went on the stringer to ride along. A few more passes ended up with a 4th fish at 18" that was released.
Headed back to the boat launch to get in before all the recreation kayaks filled it up Was on the way home by 11.
First time fishing with flashers and flies, so still getting things figured out, but seems to be off to a good start - actually the best action I've had on Canadice to date.
Huge shout out to Iron duke, ordered flies on Tuesday and they were in the mailbox Thursday.
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16 hours ago, Jhettenbaugh said:

Wondering how you have your downrigger mounted on your yak? Have a picture of your setup?  


Kayak is a Hobie Outback SOT, and the rigger is a Scotty laketroller that mounts into gear head base.  It's mounted on the gunnel right next to my right arm, and I can actually rest my arm on top of the reel when fishing, and adjust depth pretty easily. 


Replaced the wire with 300 ft of braid, and use a 4 lb weight with it - have actually used it as a anchor if it's not too windy.


Here's a few pictures of it - the rod for the down rigger goes into the rocket launcher in front of it, and points out to the side of the boat when in use.





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nice rig thats a great effort in there that lake can be a tough troll i always did better on Hemlock for Lakers. 

I need to grab a leadcore rig next time i kayak troll i have a couple here from the boating days right now the dipsey diver has worked for me with spoons and cranks. wish i got out more a tough summer to fish much for me .


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