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Sonarchart live screenshots

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Sonarchart live screenshots

Was fishing the other day on a part of the St-Lawrence river and the chart in the area I was fishing was very inaccurate so I start the sonarchart layer on my Lowrance Carbon and start to chart and at the same time I was recording logs on my Navionics app.

Pics from the Carbon and the app




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I spent a lot of hours charting and producing my own contour charts up here a couple summers ago. I was a pretty vocal critic of Navionics + because they just didn't have an accurate database and I knew some critical things were missing or not located properly. I am also a realist and know there isn't really any way anyone could list every detail on every body of water.

My advice to everyone who wants to target the eyes here is to get charting software and spend the time producing your own 100% accurate charts like you did. I'm a detail freak, hunt around the bottom looking for current breaks and subtle pieces of fish holding structure. Lots of guys hit some great fish randomly, but being able to reproduce that success depends a lot on duplication. Same speed, same depth, same hump, same direction. Get it right there and then find three more spots just like it and you'll have some great nights!

We're lucky in that the SLR is huge, good structure is everywhere, and you can find a place to fish without drawing a crowd.



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