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Training dogs on State Land

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Training dogs on State Land

I would be interested to see if it is just me or is it conceivable that professional pheasant hunters running their dogs on pheasants planted for hunters on state land seem like wildlife harassment and counter to the spirit of the pheasant hunting stocking program?  I have come across numerous people both single dog owners and professional dog handlers that are merely getting dog work on stocked birds at Darien Lake State Park.  These groups in question don't even bring a gun or just walk with an unloaded gun.  The reasons I have been given is "they are getting their dogs ready for South Dakota" or they are just their for the joy of their dogs."  At first blush it seems like a good idea for the dogs. Who doesn't enjoy seeing working dogs at their craft? But on the other hand, having one dog handler with 5 dogs working over and flushing birds out of their stocked areas, ruins it for everybody else.  Am I crazy or does this practice seem counter to the principals of offering access to pheasant hunting for the average Joe?

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