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Niagara County

niagara Updates from Buffalo

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Updates from Buffalo

The Buffalo News provides updates and details about a number of outdoor-related topics in this week’s edition. See the articles below.


“Catches and Hunts of the Week” from The Buffalo News
The Buffalo News provides pictures and details about some of this week’s best happenings in this week’s “Catches and Hunts of the Week.” Included is a variety of species in several different locations. Click here to see!

“The Fishing Beat” from The Buffalo News
Bill Hilts Jr. provides details about the fishing scene on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Chautauqua Lake, and a variety of tributaries in this week’s “The Fishing Beat.” According to the article, “Adverse weather conditions will have a negative effect this week on fishing, affecting the next few days, too. Hopefully things will settle down by the weekend. With bucks shifting into “rut” mode for bowhunters (including crossbow on Saturday), it should free up some shoreline real estate in the tributaries.” Click here to see!


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