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Awesome trip guys!!! great act on your end to take dad fishing!! sure miss that on my end, nice looking fish also!!!

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Dad will be 77 in February, when he asks to go fishing I always drop whatever I’m doing and take him. He’s the best fisherman I know, he can catch a musky in a mud puddle. And that’s saying a lot, I know some great fishermen. He is slowing down a bit, fishing trips use to be from am dark to pm dark. Now there about 8 hrs. One day I hope to be as great a man as my dad. He’s always been my hero.

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Great praise for your father Fishnut's, my dad was my best freind also. We did everything together, to me he was a freind more than my dad, like yours he was one of the best fisherman I know. Before he and my uncle bought property on the Perch River we stream fished a lot, I wish I had a $1.00 for every trout that got reeled in past my legs, between my legs using the same fly or streamers!! LOL then we bought a boat together he caught more fish!! Even before the invasive species got into the lake he fished with what I called ridiculous amount of line out, then one day trolling for walleye he got his favorite lure stuck and was bytching about having to lose it, so I told I'll back up to it just keep your line tight so I can see it. Well I backed and backed I said how much F'n line do you have out a lot when finally this huge smallie jumps out of the water a ways back. He had so much line out that the stretch in the mono made it feel like he was stuck. His fish was over 6#'s and to this day none of us caught a 6#+ smallie, close but never over 6#. My father was 74 when he got sick and passed away with a horrible ending at the age 75 my daughters were only 2 years old so they don't remember him. Sadly but have pics of him holding his only grandchildren!! Nice to hear stories of guys taking their fathers fishing as they took us fishing!! Nice post!!

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