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Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

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This is one of the reasons I love to go to Canada remote outposts, this was the very first time anyone ever drove into LakeO’SulluvanA217D1C4-F536-4959-9B21-629D15616F11.thumb.jpeg.03a7bbf1e4599dee4cd4f87de1914f04.jpegI’m in the green military bibs, probably, 16-17 years old, the other guy with me his name is Mike also. Pretty late cause it’s dark and the second week of June was our time. Might have a few Labbats Blues, under my belt, that beer was high test compared to our beer, but it tasted sooo good after a few hrs of filleting eyes, we saved all the cheek meat. I used to take my propane cooker with peanut oil and we made French Fries and beer battered cheek pieces, the owner Ted used to come over with us and he’d get gassed and give up his secrete spots. A couple days later he’d see us and say your boys are really killing them PAP. I always did all the arrangements!! So Ted knew my name as PAP!! I have lots more exciting pics I just have to dig them out. I hope you enjoy the pics. and just try to imagine 115 miles of dirt road then 31miles to the camp!! Happy New Years to all!!! PAP.

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