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changing magda 45 to facilitate copper

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When I tried to run copper and weighted steel I had a problem with the knots because the line guide on the magda 45 is very narrow. It turns out that the magda 45 and the convector 45 use the same size line guide. However,the convector guide is heavy duty and slightly wider than the magda guide. The good news is that they are interchangeable. If you want to use a magda 45 for copper or wire you should order the A-1 Okuma 17100032 "widemouth"line guide assembly.That is the copper one you will find on the convector and coldwater. It fits the magda. It has 1/8"clearance for copper rigs.I got mine for $4.99 from "Tuna's reel Troubles". It will make the magda work for copper.


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