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Need ideas for a frame & soft top over the deck.

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Need ideas for a soft top over the deck.


I would really like to get a frame made from Anodized Alum and canvas to go over the back deck from the hardtop.


Any ideas how to still be able to reach the rocket launchers and do this?


also what about the sunbrella when trailering down the highway at 85 mph?   


the boat only does 35 kts in the water.

2015 c.jpg

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I already have a roll of Sunbrella that I bought for my previous boat.


If I could find someone to build some tube frames like these it would work.


I would also add a couple removable vertical pipes on the transom that could snap in to withstand snow load or be used as a gin pole for hauling in really large fish on a block and tackle and add a boom with stay sail for long drifts for bottom fish offshore.



Alum Framework.jpg

Alum Framework to put a canvas top on the boat..jpg

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I have a big Roll of heavy Sunbrellas Canvas.  Still need the Frames made and the Canvas sewn and grommets to make it fit.  Would be nice to cover the boats seats and cushions with the same fabric to make it all match.

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