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THinking of a 2nd boat for fishing.

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I have a 22' premier pontoon boat out at Eagle creek marina.Great boat for a party and great for fishing but it is not what I want for fishing.

I bought a Simrad NSS16 evo2 Chartplotter .and was told the side view scan may not work that well on a pontoon boat.Thinking of a 16' Lund but wondering if it is good enough for the lake.

My 2nd house is right on the water (little ranch).-looked into trying to get a lift in the water or even a ramp put in but it seems I have to get permits from the town of  Kendal   and  the dec and some other government branch. Seems crazy that I own the  property and I can't even do anything with it. I had no problems with the water level recently but it did come high and occasionally washed over the break wall which is huge on my property.Then my property is about 60 yds back and 15' higher.Should  I look for a used 19 or 20" boat. Aluminum is preferred by me and I see some good ones in the classifieds. I was in a bad storm once with my other boat near the Canadian border. The boat was a 36' Trojan and I thought I did a great job getting her in but  the others on board were saying there prayers out loud.

A 16' aluminum lund is what I like but just wondering about the lake 




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A 16 footer is nice for nice days. 18,19 or twenty is better. Usually the gunnels are higher on the larger boats. On a 16 footer they are below your knees and on an 18 footer they are above your knees. That gives you added stability when you have to (ahem) lean a bit over the side. Also, the aluminum sixteen footers tend to go off course when you step around in them ( moving your weight throws them a bit off balance) this happens much less with 18 footers. Check out the starcraft or sylvan 16 footers and 18 footers and you will see what I mean.

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