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A few days ago four of us ice fished it at Penn Yan end. There are 3 - 6 inch dinks covering most of the territory out to 30 ft.  and despite there being decent perch down there they only look and don't hit (except for the dinks) regardless of bait used, jig,  or approach.Some folks have been getting pickerel and bass on tip ups in closer to shore.  A buddy tried yesterday with his new Vex and had the same result ....only 4 people out there. The Branchport arm is totally ice free and we checked the launch on the way home and it too is free of ice and should be no problem to launch if we don't get another huge snow storm.

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Thanks for the word. The closed mouth perch makes me think there might be something to those lunar phase ideas! Early December it was just the opposite with great results that one weekend I didn’t go.
Firmed up a plan for a Saturday trip. I hate the drive to Branchport mostly because the boat is faster than that lake road . Looking into an east side launch near bluff.

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