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rookie fisherman

Fly storage idea.

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Thought this might be useful to some. We have all seen the straw or tube over the fly but you still have the line to deal with.


Here is what I used. 

½" x 8" slurpee straw. (cut in half)

1.75" Line Bobbin

#12 Rubberband.


No tangles. The hook can be hung and the bobbin stays on the straw as the loop of the fishing line holds it in place.

Once I had the pieces figured out it took about 25 seconds on the first run to feed the line up the straw, wind around the bobbin, rubber band it and slide over the straw.

I am sure 15-20 seconds would be the norm once it was habit.  


Going to give this a try on the boat this year as tangled flies (or any tangles) annoy me :(










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