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Newbie question - also posted in fishing report incorrectly

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Hello all,

I just finished fixing an '88 Sylvan 16' center console deep V with a 48hp outboard. It came with two unattached Cannon downriggers with wire and clips.

I got 2 rods and counter reels with 30lb test, some spoons, flies, flashers, weights and releases. I've got a wide angle finder on the back next to the downriggers and GPS/Sonar next to the wheel. I'm hoping to use the wide angle finder to check the depth of the weights/bait.

What I don't have is a clue. I've read a lot on the boards and net and have a basic idea what to do when I find marks (put the bait at that depth and troll slowly 2-4mph).

I live in Ransomville and I'll put in at Fort Niagara, any suggestions to where a good place to start is?

Any hints for a newbie on where to mount the downriggers on the boat?

Whatever help you can send this way would be appreciated!



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Nice little boat .I have pretty much the same one but its a 88 starcraft with the 48E .

Home made rigger stands on the back corners. I'll post a pick if I can find one.

Sounds like you have what you need to start. If its salmon and trout your after I prefer the Olcott lanch, ramps are nicer and theres a fish cleaning station on the spot if you get lucky and I pesonally like the fishing better there.

Plus their are alot more salmon hunters in Olcott to chat with for help.

Check out the local club seems like a great group of guys and you can't beat it for 10 bucks.


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Far enough away as to not piss them off LOL . This time of year you want to try to keep your distace when you in close . Alot of guys run copper and lead core witch can go back along way, when they get shallow there will be planer boards out also . If you get too close and start snagging another boats junk,they get pissed you get tangles and if it gets in your motor your F---ed . Haven't had it happen but have herd enough stories here to watch what I'm doing

COMBAT FISHING !!!!!!!!!! :shock: :x

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