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Big Coho Vs 40 year old Zebco rod and OG Penn reel

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Hey guys,


Its been long enough! Heres a funny clip to get you guys hyped up for another solid season ahead!


This was back during the august Tightlines out of bluffers. We were pre fishing and usually i try to put some sort of a funny rig down on one of the high riggers when the bite slows down. Last time it was an 8wt large arbour fly reel on a soft TDR and that went pretty well.. I mean i bent the reel a bit and put a good burning on the drag but it was damn  well worth it. (you can find that video on my channel on youtube: big king vs small fly reel) But yeah this time i chose to put down the OG Zebco 6ft glass rod with an even older penn 9 reel from who knows when.. lol 


Needless to say, it was good for a solid laugh during a slow mid day lul



thanks for checking it out,



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That’s hilarious!! Awesome video!!

Edited by Decoy Hound

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