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October fishing????


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Not to late, just the mature fish will primarily be concentrated in or off the river mouth or slightly deeper staging and waiting to run but I doubt they will be in the depths you fished last weekend...

You do also have the option of running off-shore to the 350-600' range and catching steelhead and immature kings...Be careful about running this far off-shore late in the year or anytime as you might be the only person out and its hard to get help or repairs when your 15+ miles off-shore...

Watch the weather carefully and often, never know when a squall will show up...I've been 20 miles from port going home in a 2 inch ripple to get back to port and be in 4-6's or the time fishdude4life and me were wondering what the rumbling was we hear??? Less than 5 minutes later were stuck in 40MPH winds and in the center of a wicked lightning storm with a 45 minute ride home...Not fun...

So, bring the boat up and go fishing as usually the fishermen end their seasons before the fish are done...

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