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Heard a report they were catching lakes on the northean of owasco. Not sure if they were jigging or trolling, they didn't say. I usually troll down the center of the lake from 80 fow down 60'. Raise or lower DR's as required. Check out the site here: http://www.fingerlakesanglingzone.com/

Click on reports; His site may be down now since the report page would not load.


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I fished there last weekend trolling spoons. 80 to 100 fow and down 50-80 on the riggers and 150 on wire. Trolled from Bucks point to Petersons point. Biggest laker was 5lbs.

Here is a link to a map of Owasco Lake.

http://www.owascoyachtclub.com/history/ ... comap.html

Also take a look at the following site....some good info.

http://www.sandersfishingguides.com/bb/ ... um.php?f=3

Good luck.


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