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Got out solo from 3-6 tonight public launch at Sandy. I'm always reminded how awesome lake O can be and how much respect I need to pay her.. A mile from the launch I was only in 40 foot of water and the waves started turning white on top. The boat was bouncing all around and I was crawling north but I was determined to get to 100 feet. After forever I somehow got there. I only saw one other boat much further out. Only spoons today, I dropped a copper straight back and two dipsys on both sides. On about my third pass in rough water, my dipsy with the watermelon striker went off.. Somehow I managed to keep the fish out of the other lines.. I scrambled to get the net..waves were so big I almost fell... got the net stuck and quickly dropped to the floor, finally got it unhooked with my left hand and kept pressure on the fish with my right.. I really should have lost him since I must have bruised his face from stabbing at him three or four tries with the net.. When it was over the whole boat was a mess but I managed a selfie with this 9 lb steeley.. Lol that's my game face. Guess that made me 1 for 1 this afternoon with two nice fillets brining for the smoker. For record I marked many fish this afternoon from 100 to 150 and spotted a bunch of bait balls in the 130ft range. IMAG1665.jpg


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Yep pretty bouncy out of Hughes yesterday afternoon too!  My brother is visiting and frankly didn't care for it to much.  Only fished a bit but did manage a very good brown right off the bat.  

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