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Got out with my brother from the State Park (camping in a cabin) Sun evening and Monday morning.

Sunday late afternoon went 1 for 2 with just a brown to show, that hit a white and green pro king spoon on the rigger down 115.  We were in 120-140 fow with some other boats.Lost what most likely was a decent king to a break off of our spin doctor on a dipsy out 275.


This morning from 7 till 11 hit the same water with about 15 other boats in the 120-150 fow range. Our best was in 120-130.

We had a swivel pulled on a watermelon spoon, cheated on a rigger, 0 for 1.

Fortunately, they kept biting. We had hits on another watermelon spoon, and then dipseys with mountain dew spin doctors and flies took fish. Our riggers were parked at 105 and 115, dipsies out 275-330. 

We landed a double of nice fish, our first. We marked occasional fish down 100 to 120. Finished 6 for 7, all kings, and happy with our limit. 4 were in the 15-20 pound range.

Back at it in the morning if the winds cooperate.



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