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If you guys can't get your Jplugs to work its likely because the water is too clear and the plugs are TOO MUCH for the fish; to rectify this issue try a Lyman (referring to the old wood ones). Fish it the same way at the same speeds (up to 2.5). A JPlug and Lyman have the same curvature in the nose however the Lyman tie point is higher than the JPlug bearing swivel hole and therefore have more action. In clear water they out fish JPlugs. In murky turbid water the JPlugs shine cause the rattles and finishes reflect light. Lyman (the old ones) are made of wood therefore have different buoyant properties and move differently underwater. Same colours produce as the JPlugs, bloody nose (first inch of nose is all red and rest is white), army truck (dark green back with yellowish belly), anything ladder-back, watermelon (pink sides green back), firedot (ch green sides with coho orange dots), clown (all white with pink dots), ghost (all white). I have even had luck with some of the original producer plugs which I hope I never loose. I guess what I am saying is don't get stuck on one lure or color. I have gone out in a group of boats and all of us try different things. Example. One boat is using blue silver plugs, Im greens, 3rd boat running blacks and purples. No one can get bit, One boat decides to put on a white plug and gets bit immediately and lets us know, we all then load up white and have a bonanza. It can end as soon as it starts but each day is another fact finding day. If you get redundant or lazy you limit your catch ability.

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