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Lets see Pictures of your winter Frame to cover your boat.

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Lets see pictures of all your Winter Frame Ideas to Cover Boats.  I don't , won't cant afford and or justify shrink wrap as it just creates a big pile of plastic waste and sucks money out of my wallet I dont have.

So, I usually build a couple wood frames that leans on the hardtop of my boat and cover them with a few big green poly tarps. Blue would work but I want the heat from the sun to help keep ice and snow off the boat.  My boat is only 24 ft long, 85 ft wide  and the hardtop is about 12 ft high when its on the trailer.     Looking for New Ideas!

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That's a Perfect little cover.  Can you guys all come over and help me build one in the back yard.. I have a pile of Rough sawn Lumber and we can have a cook out, drinks some Beers (Will somebody bring a Pig and a couple Kegs) . 


Lets try to do a proper job and get the boat in straight unlike the one in the picture.


And I do like those Straw Hats, Can you bring some of those for all the guys.

Armish Barn.png

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