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Tired of fighting the crowds and always being the second or third angler to fish steelhead pools? This boat lets you get away from the crowd. This boat is perfect for the Great Lakes Steelhead angler or guide, and is excellent almost new condition. The boat comes with every possible option including; § Upgraded trailer with oversized wheels to allow you for launching and travelling on the worst road and conditions § Upgraded trailer allow for simple single man loading / offloading § Ultra light upgraded paddles § Heavy duty boat cover § Heavy duty floor mats so clients don’t slip or damage your boat if wearing studs § Gas motor bracket should you want to run a small outboard (up to 8hp) allowing you to run back up river § Teflon coated bottom to allow for ease of gliding over rocks and minimizes damage § Upgraded built in storage to keep clothes, rain gear and lunches dry

Benefits to the Adipose drift boat over conventional style drift boats for the Great Lakes region include: o Low profile allows for easier tracking in high winds o Low profile allows for significantly increased user space, especially when guiding multiple clients o Significantly easier rowing rowing o Enhanced stability – perfect for drifting with children, older, and those unfamiliar with river trips.

PRICE IS is $9,000 Canadian New retail price is $12,000 US! Save big, no exchange rates, no import duties. There is no finer boat for drifting the Great Lakes river for salmon, steelhead and smallmouth!









IMG_3609 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3610 - Copy.JPG


IMG_3613 - Copy.JPG

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Given this is almost a year old, I’m guessing it is no longer for sale. I’m looking for a flow if anyone is interested in selling theirs!

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