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Jeffrey L Evans

Please suggest few fishing spots in and around Ontario

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Hello guys,

We are two middle-aged men who are planning to go fishing in the coming weekend. We were searching for a few fishing spots in and around Ontario and finally decided to choose Algonquin Park. So that, we can enjoy nature and go hiking along with fishing. I heard we can use only lures and worms for fishing in Algonquin Park. Is it true? What are the fishes available in Lake of two rivers? Is it a good time to go fishing during the month of November? Can someone please suggest a few trails we can take for hiking near to Lake of two rivers? How much does it cost to hire a canoe for fishing near to the lake? Do you recommend hiring a canoe for fishing in Algonquin Park? Thank you in advance.

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Fishing is tough in Algonquin Park due to acid rain. Beautiful up there and the cold has chased away the giant swarms of mosquitoes. Post the question on Spoonpullers.com as you want to tap into Canadians. Big difference between Lake Ontario and the province of Ontario. 

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