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1. Rapala J-7 and J-9 Lot.    50.00

2. Renosky Lot.                     50.00

3. Smithwick Rogue Lot.       50.00

4. Rapala HJ 8 and 10 Lot.    50.00

5. Rapala F-9 Lot.                  50.00

6. Matzuo Lot.                        45.00

7 Jointed Shad Rap Lot #5.    50.00

8. Rapala F-7 Lot.                   50.00


paypal or local pickup. Tunkhannock,PA

5.00 shipping on any amountimage.thumb.jpg.b97f0bb938ccda9d604f6ceaee89fce2.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.ae4b8f3a6193aeaa10675052cbae1c7a.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.ce6ca90e610e84f7db1c19ec4021d8b1.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.164ab9cbb026df17ec43bb4b317f863b.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.1a43aa77669b63985b584a5809b5e313.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.eb6259df3a28796ace54392d55adbec6.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.bc35de54f26a780dbbf6b9db27b6fa2c.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.9ba6fd9d81f8b629458828e2b2e3c18e.jpg



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6 minutes ago, dipsydiver said:

I'll take the F-7 #8 lot

Sounds good. Pm me your PayPal email and I’ll send out an invoice

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