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Sold / Closed New Lower price - $200 for everything - Pair of Dual multi set Rod Holders and base with butterfly plate for down-riggers

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hmmm, I still like these downrigger rod holders. I am still wondering if they will attach on top of my downrigger extensions. I am going to have to seriously think about these guys. Why can't I just have all the money in the world to spend as I wish? And I have to pick the boat up tomorrow after having to drain the oil, change the plugs, and replace one coil that goes over the spark plugs. I am pretty sure that the dealer that service it overfilled it with oil but how do you prove it??? I should have drained the oil myself just to make sure that my hunch was right. The coil cost $110 and I drove an hour to get it instead of letting the company that was working on it, order it from Mercury and wait an extra week. Within an hour it was up and working and I can pick up my baby in the morning. Fish on this weekend!

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