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Venturing off the beaten path (something different)

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Hey guys,

My name is Dan, im from Canada and i shoot videos of cool fish. Tuna are cool fish to me so i decided to go south and spend some time with a couple local offshore guys in Ocean City out of Maryland on the East coast side.

The owner Austin had invested into a new boat (54 ft Blackwell) after last season to keep up with the big boys. Previously, he was running a 28ft Carolina that he would take over 100 miles off shore during some bites. being that he spent so many hours offshore, he felt that it was only suiting to step his game up from that Carolina.

This is where my latest clip will continue on from.

I hope you guys enjoy this snippet of my adventure watching Austin, myself and crew, prep, launch and fish the new (to them) off shore battle wagon.

Dont forget to subscribe if you want to stay in the loop with these adventures!



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