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Little late on the post as I have been staying on Cayuga with bad service. Fished fair haven on 27Jun with my two buddies and hit the water around 7 after making the long trek up. We had just set the downriggers up and my buddy was letting a 10 color out when it start to pull hard and he looked at me and I’m like you’re right that’s a fish!!

Anyway, the day followed suit and we limited out going 9 for 12. Mostly high teen Kings with some slightly smaller ones in there as well. We had 2 doubles which was hectic but a lot of fun. Everything was working, riggers, dipsys, and 400 copper ( ending breaking off my 400 copper due to bad condition which is my fault). Spoons, FF, meat all did it.


This was my first limit as I am still learning the art of salmon fishing so I was pretty excited. IMG_7979.JPGIMG_7980.JPGIMG_7982.JPGIMG_7986.JPGIMG_7997.JPG IMG_1282.JPG



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